How to buy investment property in Poland

After publishing two of my e-books in polish (How to Buy Real Estate at Bailiff Auctions and How to Buy Investment Property)  I received  a lot of emails asking about English versions. My e-books seem to be pretty helpful to my readers  so they would like to share them with their foreign friends and partners.  I thought that a complete guide for foreign investors on buying rental real estate in Poland would be my next project.  I decided to put together the best content of my two e-books on real estate investment in Poland together with a complete guide on investment property market in Poland, and translate it into good English. My new book will consist of everything that a foreign investor must know about Polish real estate market. And NOW YOU CAN PRE-ORDER my new e-book, saving up to 50 % and more... 

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What You'll Learn

In Part One  you learn: how to find real estate auctions in Poland, how to prepare for a bailiff auction, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this form of purchase, how to develop a safe strategy for purchasing property at an auction.

In Part Two you learn: how to find real killer deals, how to negotiate with the seller, what kind of strategies to use to maximize income, how to deal with the barriers that many foreign  investors face, how to build a good advising team.

In Part Three you learn: how Polish real estate market works, what are Polish regulations concerning the purchase of real estate by foreigners, and much more …..

When is it published?
The e-book is to be published April 2016. If you pre- order now, you will receive updates on how the process of translations and editing is progressing. You are also to be my very first reader. Your order will be delivered before the official launch!
How it works?
As my first-minute buyer you are offered a huge discount. You can pre-order the e-book for 50 % less! It is because the pre-orders income is supposed to pay for the translations. You can not only be my first reader, but also help me to actually get the book published.
Special Bonuses
If you decide to pre-order as advanced or ultimate user you will also receive special bonuses such as the access to an exclusive life webinar with me, where we can discuss your case or you can ask questions. Webinar will be held after the book launch and it will be only for the pre-order clients.
What if I don't like it?
Well, if you don't like my book, then I don’t want your money. Just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days your order was delivered and I will issue the refund.

Overview of How to Buy Investment Propery in Poland

From my new e-book you can expect the best content of my two Polish e-books translated into English plus  a real practical guide on Polish real estate market for foreign investors

Part One

How to buy a real estates at bailiff’s auctions in Poland

A practical, step by step guide on the process of buying real estate at bailiff auctions in Poland. The compendium of knowledge about getting killer deals on Polish real estate market.

Part Two

How to Buy Investment Property

How to buy investment property. A practical guide for new biz real estate investors in Poland. It is a great combination of investor knowledge together with a lot of motivation.

Part Three

Practical Guide on Polish Real Estate Market

Compendium of knowledge on how Polish real estate market operates, what are the best investment options, details on property purchase processes, law and taxes.

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The Testimonials

Many people have been asking when my e-books will be translated into English. Here is what my readers say about my writing.


I highly recommend the e-book on bailiff auctions The book accessibly describes the entire process of buying a real estate at a bailiff auction in Poland. It explains the rules, what methods to use, how to get ready, etc. Without reading it I would never have decided to join an auction. But I did. And only yesterday I signed a lease for a studio, which was bought at an auction. Thank you Malgorzata!


Very helpful! I bought the book after buying my first apartment on auction. I had a problem with a tenant who did not want to move out. I did not really know what to do about it. Fortunately I used methods described in the book, and they worked very effectively. Therefore I recommend Malgorzata's e-book, particularly in the phase of preparing to purchase at a bailiff auction


How to Buy Investment Property is a great e-Book. It's a combination of practical knowledge and a lot of motivation. I read this book because I am at the stage of collecting knowledge and capital for my first real estate investment. I still feel a bit stressed before taking this step, but apparently even the best investors feel some fear. After reading the e-book, I am motivated enough and I know that I can deal with it!


Worth every cent. Even if you are only thinking of buying a rental apartment in Poland, then you should read this e-book!

About The Author

Hi, my name is Małgorzata Pioszyk. I am an investor, blogger and author of two popular real estate e-books, which I self- published in my first  language (Polish) : 'How to Buy Real Estate at Bailiff Auctions' and 'How to Buy Investment Property'.

Małgorzata PIOSZYK


Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously, the ultimate package is the best, but the book itself contains a lot of tactics and ideas that will help you with your real estate investment in Poland.

Where can I learn more about you?

I  run a very popular Polish real estate blog . It is written in my mother tongue, but I will have some posts translated into English very soon.

You didn't answer my question.

That’s not a question :) If you still have any questions please get in touch and I will do my best to answer them.

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How to Buy Investment Property in Poland

Everything you need to know about finding killer real estate deals in Poland



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